Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center

Spaceport Education Center

A master’s degree can make a critical difference in a person’s career. The ҹѰ Spaceport Education Center, located just outside Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida, provides graduate students in the Brevard County area with opportunities to continue their education, maintain their professional and technical competence and to enhance their career development and progression.

ҹѰ programs are available to all who meet admission requirements of the university. Classes are available to military personnel, civilians and contractors on-site at our Titusville location. All programs are designed for working professionals and adult learners. Students are invited to enroll at the beginning of every Fall and Spring (16-week terms) or Summer semester (11-week term).

Message from the Spaceport Center Director

Welcome to ҹѰ's Spaceport Education Center.  Located just outside the gates of Kennedy Space Center our location offers some very unique master's degree programs in Space Systems as well as Commercial Enterprise in Space.  Our faculty are space program veterans with years of experience in commercial and government space.  Whether your interest is in an Space Systems Engineering degree or a degree focusing on the new aspects of the commercial potential for space we have something to offer you.  These degrees are also augmented by Master's in Business Administration, Public Administration, Acquisition and Contract Management and Project Management. Local police, fire and  government service agencies take advantage of our cohort programs in Public Administration.  We are proud to represent ҹѰ to the space center area community.

Dr. Don Platt
Director, Spaceport Education Center

Programs at ҹѰ Spaceport