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I offer a variety of classes depending on your personal needs and goals. Whether you need to tone your body or relieve aches and pains, there is something for everybody in the practice of yoga. Have a look at what I offer.

Yoga at Home

Private Session

Waterfall Pose

Yoga Therapeutics

Online Yoga

Online Class

The Joys of Yoga

The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body. This is a popular one, so go ahead and book today.

Yoga Is Self Care

This session focuses on Therapeutic Yoga Poses with a detailed step by step for each pose. The class encourages an integration of mind, body and breath. This class is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

Aligning With Yourself

My Online Class is a much-needed break from the stress and speed of everyday life. Grab a mat and relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centered and renewed. Book online today.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Yoga Nidra/ Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Pranayama - Breathing Exercises

Friends Having Coffee

Co-Listening Experience

Yoga Is Self Care

By bringing yoga directly to you, Now Yoga has created this Yoga Nidra or Meditation class to be uniquely tailored to your needs and schedule. The session helps activate the relaxation response in your body to decrease anxiety and help improve your mood.

Enliven your Body and Mind

Pranayama is a yogic practice that focuses on controlling the breath. The practice may help bring calmness, decrease stress and strengthen your lungs.

Believe in Yourself

The Co-Listening experience allows you to be free and simply speak your thoughts out loud. Yoga allows you to tune into your sensations and listen to your body and mind. By speaking out loud, we can sometimes find solutions to things we have been contemplating and experience an emotional detox. Throughout this experience, the listener is silent holding space for the speaker to express what is on their mind.

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