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How comfortable are you with uncertainty?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Our brain likes certainty. It is preferable to enter a situation with a known outcome, be it good or bad, rather than walk into the unknown.

Uncertainty can sometimes cause anxiety and stress. How you feel in your body can define how you show up for the day ahead of you. How do you react? Do you press the panic button? Do you put up a wall? Is there a sense of discomfort? Or do you feel calm when you have to sit in this uncertainty?

Okay, so take a step back. Let's be real! We are all human and anxious anticipation sucks. As I watch what's unraveling in periods of unknown, I sometimes catch myself holding my breath. But, I know that I am in control of how I react to situations. The energy that comes from me will be reflected right back at me. So taking a step back and reminding myself that I have the tools I need to walk through these moments of uncertainty is crucial.

Just stop and breathe. That's the first step. Training yourself to quiet your inner voice through your yoga practice can help you build this reflex to stay calm and breathe.

Sometimes, our initial instinct is to look to others for the answer. The secret of knowing "What should I do?" When in fact, you know yourself more than anyone will ever know you. The best person to give you this answer is you. You hold the "secret." Your yoga practice gives you the ability to quiet your inner thoughts and observe the sensations in the moment. A practice that trains the mind to trust yourself. A practice that gives you the courage to take a leap of faith into the fertile void and trust that it will be okay.

Breathing may not change the fact that the feeling is still there, but it will help you tolerate it and remind you that you are rooted in your mountain. With practice, a new pattern will emerge. Peace in the discomfort. The world might never be quiet but you can find peace and calmness within.